HealyKohler Design is a multidisciplinary design firm providing services for master planning and exhibit design. In collaboration with its clients, it brings together a full creative team of exhibit designers, graphic designers, media system designers, lighting designers, and project managers to create innovative visitor experiences that engage, educate, captivate, and entertain audiences of all ages and interest levels.


DKDK Project is a boutique education consulting firm specializing in supporting the design and facilitation of transformational learning. We work collaboratively with partner organizations to build capacity and to design environments that foster deep learning. National Sports Museum is primed to be a place of deep learning because its interactive exhibits and educational programming will allow visitors of all ages to construct a personal and connective meaning. Rather than passive observation, National Sports Museum will provide an opportunity to actively engage in the ways that sports history and culture are so vital to our national consciousness.


OPEN Impact Real Estate is a woman-owned real estate brokerage and services firm that works with organizations that care about the hiring choices they make and value a partner who creates a mission-driven real estate strategy that aligns with their operational and cultural goals. OPEN is the premier non-profit advisory group in NYC, offering its clients a breadth of services and resources through a strategic alliance with Transwestern Real Estate Services.


Eriksen Translations is a premier, woman-owned translation services company specializing in museums. Eriksen celebrates diversity, offering more than 100 languages. They applaud imagination and strive for excellence, constantly seeking to evolve. Their team comes to work every day excited by their shared passion for language and communication. Their success results from the quality of their work, their collaborative attitude, and the way they treat their clients. They care about the details and go the extra mile to support clients that strive to inspire, innovate, educate, and change the world for the better.


CHARITEES SPORTS® serves school athletic teams, sports foundations, sports museums and professional athletes with custom printed tee shirts, embroidered apparel, and customized promotional products. A division of, it has been serving the 501(c)(3) community since 1998, providing end-to-end solutions that include design, production, fulfillment, and direct-to-consumer shipping. This innovative merchandise supplier even offers interactive tee shirts using QR codes. National Sports Museum and Charitees Sports® are working together to design and market uniquely branded merchandise and apparel that reflects the museum’s dual focus on athletic achievement and social impact.


BRPH consists of a dedicated team of problem-solvers who intelligently plan, design, manage, construct, and create facilities and solutions. Our program managers, working closely with our architecture, engineering, design, and construction specialists, join forces with our clients to deliver outcomes that exceed expectations. We pay close attention to defined requirements but also dig deeper to uncover what’s really impacting the way people experience the spaces we create. That’s how our people can serve our clients in ways that are truly special. Innovation inspired our founders and still drives us. We love the projects that have intricacies and challenges to them --- and our clients know we can deliver.


We are a passionate team of media-savvy veterans who have the benefit of decades of immersion in the dynamic world of digital media. Our team came together because of a firm belief that the technology landscape is undergoing a massive shift. Spatial computing provides a convergence of technologies that will change how we communicate, work, and play. Paying close attention to this evolution has allowed us to identify new experiences and unique value creation opportunities. Our focus blends together Augmented Reality, Blockchain, 5G and Edge computing to deliver captivating Augmented Reality experiences.