After being inspired by athletes’ stories and learning proper techniques on the floors below, Players will now have a chance to take the field. Visitors will ascend to the 3rd Floor, where they will be greeted by the following:


Fan Frenzy consists of an assortment of sights and sounds designed to create that jolt of adrenaline fans feel upon entering a stadium or arena prior to a big game. This exhilaration, conveyed through a multi-sensory exhibit, may include:

  • Recognition and appreciation for each sport’s diehard fans. From Cheeseheads in Green Bay to college students during March Madness, the passion of sports will engulf fans and instantly put them in a celebratory mood.

  • While visitors are immersed in these pre-game sounds and images, the entranceway to the next exhibit will mimic a players’ tunnel, the area where athletes make last-minute mental preparations prior to taking the field. Visitors are then welcomed into a stadium-like atmosphere with high ceilings, including a Jumbotron and possibly a blimp circling overhead.


In the Immersion Theater, a custom film follows the trajectory of game day – from preparation to culmination – touching on various themes through iconic moments, history-making highlights, original footage and post-game expressions of relief, celebration and uncontrollable emotion.

Upon leaving the film, visitors will be treated to a celebration of several of America’s most popular sports, displayed in an individualized format:


Each sport offers between 1,000 – 1,500 ft2 of videos and interactive exhibits. A key element of each of the individual sport’s rooms is an ability to participate in live player/spectator experiences.

Simulated Sports Entertainment & Training: Utilizing the latest simulation and extended reality technologies, these attractions will offer unique interactive experiences in which all guests can compete in various sports and have their performances stored on the website. Here are the proposed activities for the 9 featured sports listed below:

Baseball: Pitching and Batting Simulators + Over-the-Wall Catch (trampoline-aided photo/video opportunity)

Basketball: Shoot/Pass Simulators + Dunking Booth (trampoline photo/video opportunity)

Boxing: Boxing Simulators + Heavy Bag (Power Test) and Speed Bag (Quickness Test)

Football: Quarterback/Place-Kicker/Punter Simulators + End Zone Celebration (video opportunity)

Golf: Golf Simulators and Smartgreen Putting

Hockey: Shooting Simulators

NASCAR: NASCAR Simulators, careening three-wide toward the checkered flag

Soccer: Free-Kick Shooting Simulators

Tennis: Serve/Rally Simulators