NSM will feature unique, world-class, interactive exhibits and participatory attractionscustom films and immersive real-ball simulations will enable fans to experience what it feels like to be a professional athlete.


SPORTS REPRESENT ONE OF THE LARGEST CONSUMER MARKETS: Pre-pandemic, in the U.S. alone the sports industry exceeded $500 billion annually. Internationally, it is a $1.3 trillion industry. With an increasing number of foreign-born players excelling at the major league levels, the fan base for U.S. sports has become truly global.

ATHLETES HAVE BEEN INCREASINGLY VOCAL AS ADVOCATES FOR SOCIAL CHANGE: The Attraction-Museum will serve as a forum and gathering place to not only celebrate athletic achievement, but also bring people together to address a multitude of social and cultural issues. With exhibits like Dream Big, Breaking Barriers, Social Justice, Building the Perfect Athlete, and More Than a Game, the venue is being created to accentuate the impact of sports on our society and culture and amplify the message of social justice. Ultimately, it will be linked to other foundations and charities across the country that are addressing these issues through meaningful action, not just discussion. Therefore, the National Sports Museum aspires to serve as a unifying catalyst and financial supporter to these charitable causes, many of which are being spearheaded by countless athlete-activists across multiple sports.

THE VENUE WILL FEATURE UNIQUE, WORLD-CLASS, INTERACTIVE EXHIBITS AND PARTICIPATORY ATTRACTIONS: The National Sports Museum will feature interactive exhibits, custom films and fully interactive real-ball simulations that will let fans experience what it feels like to be a professional athlete. With the various skill levels and controlled athletic environments, these experiences will be accessible to anyone who ever dreamed of playing in a professional sports stadium or arena. A critical component will be the cutting-edge interactivity provided by the multisport simulators and virtual reality headsets, allowing players to use real equipment to compete against life-size virtual athletes. Also, the Museum will integrate the latest 3D/4D experiential technologies. Utilizing volumetrically-recreated, holographic imagery along with other sensory stimulation such as scents (imagine smells of bubble gum and cut grass in the Baseball area) and tangible sensations (such as feeling a cool mist as a 3D ice hockey player jump-stops in front of you), the use of state-of-the-art technology will create uniquely interactive experiences that will set NSM apart from other sports museums and halls of fame.

THE EXPERIENCE WILL BE EXTENDED THROUGH INTEGRATION WITH WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS: The experience doesn’t end when you leave the venue. By participating and interacting throughout, you will be creating and sharing information that will be uploaded to the website where you will be able to log-in to your personal webpage to see data and content from your visits. For those who compete in the simulators and other interactive stations, a link to the site will provide them with statistics, rankings and video clips from their various playing experiences. In addition, a social media, interactive gaming and trivia platform powered by Komo Live will let everyone interact online, building a virtual community of athletes and fans.


The National Sports Museum is where athletic achievement and social impact will meet 21st century interactive technology, providing guests with unmatched physical, cultural and educational experiences. It will serve as a family-oriented attraction, paying tribute to the cherished attributes of America’s favorite sports and their iconic athletes in an immersive and multi-sensory way. For years to come, it will provide communities and visitors from across the country and around the world with a place to celebrate their passion for sports through various tangible, emotional and cerebral exhibits.

Almost all of the exhibits will be hands-on and interactive, making visitors an integral part of the experience. The exhibits will utilize video footage, interactive simulations and experiential 3D and 4D media alongside select sports memorabilia, photographs and artwork. It will be roughly 40,000 square feet of exhibition, combining fans’ appreciation for sports history, their passion for athletic achievement, and their aspirations to make the plays, managerial decisions, umpire calls, and play-by-play commentary themselves. The space is designed to be a singular place for fans to indulge in a 360° array of engaging experiences–-not just as spectators, but as players, coaches, referees and sportscasters–-with ample opportunity to interact with and even compete (virtually) against legendary athletes in authentic professional sports stadium settings.


The experience begins with the exterior, a classic professional stadium façade complete with ticket booth & turnstiles. While waiting in line, visitors can look through holes in the wall, placed at different heights, to see 3D images of famous stadiums, ballparks and arenas.

Visitors of four different age groups can buy tickets at three different levels:

FAN: Box Seat (Spectator only)

COACH: Field Pass (Access to coach, referee/umpire, announcer attractions)

PLAYER: 1st-Round Draft Pick (Access to all interactive attractions)

All guests can activate QR codes with their smartphones or receive a bracelet with near-field communication and USB connector to record and digitally relive their experience at home. That way, they will keep tabs on their favorite exhibits and find more information and resources online. Guests also will have the ability to utilize the site’s social media functionality and customize their own webpage, including a potential Cybersports Club membership.

Each personal webpage will indicate what they have or haven’t seen and provide targeted discounts for their next visit. In addition, the interactive exhibits throughout the venue will keep all personal “Coach” and “Player” data stored in the database. Player Cards will activate simulators and track performance. All this information will be uploaded, allowing each Player to manage his or her personal webpage, see videos, compare stats and interact with others inside an interactive sports community where the star players are the members themselves.