Obviously National Sports Museum’s proposed layout and exhibit designs are fluid and very much subject to change. They will be heavily influenced by our advisory board of athlete-activists who will have tremendous input into what goes into the Museum, especially the first floor exhibits focused on the intersection between sports and social justice.

Along the way, we will also be asking for a lot of input from fans like you, especially when we get to the second floor exhibits relating to how fans have a tremendous impact on the sports we love. Obviously, without the fans and their passionate involvement, there would be no sports industry or culture to celebrate.

Since this will be a “national” sports museum, we want the design process to be extremely democratic. To that end, you will have ample opportunities to give feedback in helping to create this cultural institution. We will be offering many surveys and polls over social media in the next several months (and years to come) in order to obtain your opinions on a variety of sports-related topics that we’re considering for possible inclusion in the Museum’s design. It will be a very open system of communication, a continuous feedback loop of engagement as we design and build the venue. We’ll also be hosting sports trivia contests and other forms of online interactions to engage with you, give away prizes and make sure fans from across the country and around the world are properly represented while this cultural attraction continues to organically evolve.